Intuitively connecting people to possibility, whether it’s to something for their mission or guidance, is my favorite gift to give.

If you wish to play and receive those gifts, please connect here.

As a Possibility Synergist

As a Possibility Synergist and Guide, Brooke’s true gift is her wide-angle lens for potential. Her vision reveals opportunities for her clients. With her background in advertising, marketing, film, e-commerce, public relations and so on, Brooke always finds creative ways to meet her client’s objectives.

Brooke has been recognized by Forbes as a natural connector with a jelly bean jar of creatively brilliant people in her life. She partners with and matches up spiritually minded entrepreneurs, Internet marketing mavens, and creative thinkers, to cross-pollinate and promote progressive joint ventures She is a secret weapon for many visionaries, best-selling authors, and speakers who come to her for connections and business development.

Connecting you to what’s possible

Connecting people to others and to the divine is Brooke’s passion. Brooke was once a permanent fixture of the self help section of the bookstore, endlessly seeking. Brooke finally came into her own to remember the truth that we all have the answers within we just have to REMEMBER.

Therefore, there is no journey, just an arrival.

She is about possibility, that magical mix of strategy and soul that works as a catalyst to bring your visions to life. She works with people who are READY for the next level, who KNOW that they’re destined for greatness, and who are OPEN to help getting to where they are going.

Her secret sauce is to partner with spirit while facilitating possibility, fun, and support, creating the necessary connections to move a person or project forward.

Once you are in her field, the synchronicities just start to open up and you begin to have fun and play a game called your life.


I, Brooke, live a life that is filled with inspiration, creativity, fun and POSSIBILITY. I live to inspire the FREEDOM TO BE, LOVE, and CREATE with purpose and contribution.

I want to connect you to your own power, to help you trust your own divine guidance and remember the truth of who you are. I live to open doors for others and I want those I play with to be, do, and have this truth, thus creating a ripple effect.


I, Brooke, LOVE by creating infinite possibilities through listening, using intuition, making it fun by holding the space for people to GO FOR THEIR DREAMS that are usually creative and making a difference by bringing more LOVE in the world.

I use my unique talents and gifts of connection, creative input, intuition, inspiration, generosity, and play to connect to the divine and help others realize their vision.


I, Brooke, lead to empower and connect those who bring love and light into the world.

I lead to bring transformative conversations to all people in a playful and creative way.

I lead to foster the freedom to be – giving access to more joy, love, and fun.

Leading people to love and connecting with the infinite being of who they are and turn around to light others up is pure magic for me.

Forbes.com recognized Brooke as a natural connector who has a jelly bean jar of creatively brilliant people in her life. She is a secret weapon for many visionaries, best-selling authors, and speakers who come to her for connections and business development.

I’m the person who talks to you on the airplane, I am a people collector.” Such outgoing behavior has helped her amass what she calls her “jellybean jar of people.

Brooke Emery
Forbes.com – The Best Places To Network – 5/04/2007

And, Brooke, thank you again for your generosity. Being a connector is one of the most generous acts of human kindness.

Michael Port
NY Times, WSJ bestselling author of Steal the Show

You are f-ing magic! I am blown away by my journey with you. My life has changed in a thousand ways! You emulate everything I want to be for myself and to others. I’m thankful to YOU for showing me the way and GOD for dropping you into my path- what an amazing gift!!!

Esther Blum
Bestselling Author of The Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous Project and Cavewoman Don’t Get Fat

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