Craving peace, joy and freedom in your life and business?

Ready to implement a season of healing, rest, and abundance to your heart and soul?

If continual chaos and confusion is no longer a welcome inhabitant of your life…

I created these blessings as a quick access point to connect to a higher vibration – to love, to the truth of who you are, and to God/Spirit. I also wanted to create something that would be fun and light and connect you without it being time consuming with just a quick prayer, a quick blessing, a quick moment to connect for your day.

So with this series of 7 daily emails, you will receive a transcription and a mini (less than a minute) sound bite on each chakra for releasing what pertains to that chakra. I hope you enjoy these blessings and receive them with love. Many Blessings!

You are not alone.

My community and I are exploring the depths of divine guidance, joy and trust. We are also learning to dance with the shadows that come up that can take you out. If you are someone that has a lot of self-help books on your nightstand wondering if this one book will finally be the “rule and tool” that will be the answer or the magic pill, this is a reminder that you already have the answer and you just need support to “remember”.

My deepest heart’s desire is to gift you with an experience you will treasure and bring you love.

I recorded the 7 Days of Chakra Blessings for Divine Guidance just for you.


Would you like a daily blessing to connect to the Divine and the Truth of who you are?

Included in this gift are:

  • 7 Daily Audio Recordings of Chakra Blessings
  • 7 Daily Written Versions of the Chakra Blessings for you to save in your email and keep as a spiritual tool to refer back to forever.
  • Access to me for additional abundant blessing opportunities
  • A life impacting experience that is yours to receive with an open heart
Please send the blessings to me!
The 7 Days of Chakra Blessings for Divine Guidance will be delivered daily to your email inbox. You will receive the audio versions as well as beautiful written versions to save in your email for your ongoing use.
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Dear Infinite Spirit (that’s you dear reader),

I have been a permanent fixture of the self help section of the book store over the last 25 years.

I have been an endless seeker of releasing pain and feeling good or to finally “getting it”.

I had a friend who recently told me she was on the fast track to spirituality. She asked me, “Why do you still go through stuff if you have been studying this so long?” I don’t remember what I answered but I did try to be humble because I didn’t want to tell her that there is “no track”.

That all the experiences that come up for us whether good or bad are for us to look at and gain wisdom from. I like to call myself “spiritually human”.

It’s part of the ride of life.

I have helped many people remember the truth of who they are and connect to their magic. I also lovingly hold their hand as they have shadows come up to deliver lessons that may feel like “wtf?”. I have an interest in teaching because we as humans tend to forget. (And perhaps you will remind me when I do.)

What I do know is that I am on the ride with you and I am partnering with God/Spirit/Universe to be on this ride with me.

I am interested in creating a community who wants to be doing the same. There will be times when it feels like you are not being guided or you have been abandoned.

I have created these blessings as a gift for you to stay connected to the light and to hang in there. I ask for the blessing that if you are reading this that you do “remember the truth of who you are” and that “love” is available.

I am looking to connect with my tribe where I can contribute and connect them to the path that they seek.

I am not attached.  

I am not interested in writing copy just to get you to opt in to my “free gift”, I have always resisted this as someone who has been behind the scenes for many great leaders.

But I will trust the message that these are the recordings that want to be put out there and I hope you enjoy these and receive them with love.

Please know you are loved, lovable, and loving forever.




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