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Thank you for visiting this page.  Here are a few of my gifts to you.



Meditation helps quiet your mind and get you in a place of listening for your divine guidance and your divine prosperity.

Many people come to me and say they can’t meditate. I say start small.  

Set your timer for 2-minutes and breathe in and breathe out. Breathe in the word “peace”, breathe out the word “love”.

You could also use a guided app, like Headspace® and Insight Timer.  

The key is to allow whatever thoughts to come up and pass through you. Don’t do this in judgement or expectation that you aren’t doing it right, that will take you out of the moment.

If you have to, just enter expecting you are not going to do it right. It will give you that peace of mind of flowing with what is. You don’t need to get to Carnegie Hall on the first day. Although meditating at Carnegie Hall might be distracting LOL.

One of the companies that I love and am doing business development for is called Beats Alchemy. They create sound alchemy and music to a frequency that helps your brain get to a state of meditation as if you have been meditating for hours. 

I asked Jamin Van Dillen to create a gift for you which is a 5-minute Binaural Abundance Beat.

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I listen to my own customized Beats Alchemy every day and I can’t recommend enough that you get your own and watch your whole frequency change. With your purchase you get to tell the sound healer what your 3 challenges are and what you want to enhance. Warning: It’s potent with pure love and possibility.

If you get one let me know how you enjoy it. I am OBSESSED.

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(Full diclosure: This is an affiliate link.)


7 Days of Chakra Blessings – You will receive 7 days of Blessings that are short and sweet. At the end of the 7 days you receive an invite to get guidance from me. Zero pressure. If you wish to learn about a women’s only intuitive biz mastermind where you will you will be sprinkled with magic and connection and access to some of my magical biz besties then get in touch with me on my contact page.

7 Days of Chakra Blessings Here




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