Connection / Launch Consulting


This option is very limited. If you are launching a digital or physical product and are interested in me connecting you with resources/consultants/ joint venture partners/affiliates for your launch, please fill out application here.

One-on-One Coaching


If you are a multi-passionate on a mission and you are tired of doing it alone or you are in the possibility planning mode and just need a guide to “pick your brain”, then One-on-One Coaching may be just right for you! I have multiple options and would love to chat.

Please fill out the application below to learn more about working with me.

Connection Foundation


This is an invitation only foundation for connectors who have a desire to create impact in the world. If you are doing 7 figures in your business and you want to join a society of conscious connectors where we network, go on retreats once a year, and also solve world problems at the same time. You are someone who wants to have your philanthropy mean something.

By Invitation Only. Please apply here.

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