I’m here to help you co-create your big idea into a reality.

I’m all about possibility, that magical mix of strategy and soul that works as a catalyst to bring your visions to life. I work with people who are READY for the next level, who KNOW that they’re destined for greatness, and who are OPEN to help getting to where they are going.

I’ve worked in Public Relations and Marketing for over 20 years; helping people make connections, become more visible, and put their best work out into the world.

You see, since I was little, two things have been constant in my life:

  1. Marketing: Growing up, my mom owned an advertising agency and I spent a TON of time there. I was in commercials as a child and later worked in accounts, creative, and as a prop stylist on sets.
    Fun fact: I helped write a Sony commercial when I was 14 and had SO much fun being a production assistant on the set of the Dime Savings Bank Commercials directed by the Coen Brothers.
  2. Intuition: We all have it, but not everyone listens to it. I’ve been listening to my intuition since I was a young girl, acknowledging the whispers, listening to the messages, and going where I was guided. I know, it sounds sort of woo-woo but intuition is POWERFUL stuff.

My natural combination of strategy and soul is my gift.
It’s what makes our work together synergistic.
And, it’s what will help transform your vision into reality.

Working in marketing was fabulous but I always knew on some level that I was meant for more meaningful work. (I’m willing to bet that, on some level, you’ve known what you need to do for a long time, too.)

Running my own marketing firm gave me the freedom to meld my intuition into my business. I studied the Law of Attraction and harnessed its power to fill my docket with the perfect clients. When inspiration struck, I followed it. When I felt compelled to connect a client with a friend, I immediately did it and the partnerships would immediately turn into so much more. The more I let my intuition lead, the better business got.

As I continue to couple my marketing strategies and be totally present and trust my instincts, I find that magical things happen and it has become abundantly clear that I have a gift for connecting people, an ability to connect dots before you can even see them, and the capacity to feel the passion for your project that allows me to help you take it all the way.

If you are ready to connect and get the support you need to create whatever powerful project you have within you, check out all of my offerings below.

And if you would like to read more about my background, check out my LinkedIn profile here.

Connection / Launch Consulting

If you are launching a digital or physical product and are interested in me connecting you with resources/consultants/ joint venture partners/affiliates for your launch, please fill out application here.

One-on-One Coaching

If you are a multi-passionate on a mission and you are tired of doing it alone or you are in the possibility planning mode and just need a guide to “pick your brain”, then One-on-One Coaching may be just right for you! I have multiple options and would love to chat.

Please fill out the application below to learn more about working with me.

If you would like to learn more about me and my one-one-one coaching gifts, then click here to read my story.

Connection Foundation

This is an invitation only foundation for connectors who have a desire to create impact in the world. If you are doing 7 figures in your business and you want to join a society of conscious connectors where we network, go on retreats once a year, and also solve world problems at the same time. You are someone who wants to have your philanthropy mean something.

By Invitation Only. Please apply here.

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