“Brooke is amazing and has really helped me get this business off the ground…”

Jamin Van Dillen
Sound Alchemist, Co-Founder
Beats Alchemy

“Transform not just your business but your life…”

Ivy Ellerby
Eastern Design and Home Staging, LLC

“Brooke is like my lighthouse, my anchor in the sea…”

Alexandra Gabrielle Hall

Brooke Emery is a magician when it comes to making authentic, strategically aligned connections.

She knows exactly how to magnetize the right partners at the right moment. Working with Brooke is like having the law of attraction on speed dial. 🙂

Rha Goddess
Founder & CEO
Move The Crowd

Brooke has helped me in so many ways.

I had big goals of becoming a bestselling author but lacked the roadmap for success. In a few short months, Brooke crystalized the vision in my head and brought it into our world of form. She helped me break out a large goal into small steps and kept me accountable on a daily and weekly basis to see progress. I am pleased to say my book will be published in October, 2017. It is a dream come to life with Brooke’s help of divine connection and her gift of grounding her clients in their work. She has connected me with people in all areas of media, TV, Public Speaking, Fashion, as well as Divine Helpers ready to assist me from the great beyond. She is a connector!

With Brooke all roads lead to your success. She is the conduit for your power to flow from your imagination into this physical world. She always reminded me to have fun and trust in the plan of the universe. You are supported. With the tools Brooke offers, success is yours!

Stacey Tucker
Author of The Equal Night Trilogy
Book One: Ocean’s Fire (October, 2017)

You have a unique way of approaching connections and sharing with the world.

You seem to lack all concept of scarcity and competition, which gives you an incredible ease around giving and knowing everything will flow away and back multi-fold. It feels like you have this sparkly ability to sprinkle magic pixie dust on any project, person or experience and illuminate it, make it shine and make it profitable. It’s like you’re flitting about a room or in a conversation spreading joy, sparkle and light that becomes abundance in physical reality. Because you hold such an easy stance in that space of absolute abundance, you give me a chance to see possibility, to hold onto it and to help make it real. You also have a wonderful way of knowing just what I need and connecting me to the right information and people to help me take leaps forward. My connection to you is responsible for much of what is wonderful and good in my life now. Your willingness to introduce me to a variety of people led directly to many of my most cherished relationships, the connections that have led to much of my business success and more. It’s pretty much impossible to put a price on that!

Payson Cooper

Brooke is fun to play with.

Of course, that’s a requirement for us. Brooke’s credibility is impeccable and, her top credential is that, like you, she functions at a high level of positive energy, and attracts connections that are in perfect alignment with our work; connections that will support all of us in fulfilling on our business and life purpose and passions.

Alan Hickman
Perfect Customers Inc.

Brooke has been absolutely badass from the day we met.

She’s been introducing me to all sorts of cool people in her personal and professional network with grace & style! The folks she’s introducing me to are all responding with enthusiastic replies like, “If Brooke says we need to connect, then let’s connect!” So I’m glad to be developing a great relationship with her and look forward to good things. Brooke is amazing. She’s the kind of person who brings tidal waves of value and generosity to relationships, and is connected to all sorts of really cool and interesting people.

David Gonzales

You make life seem like a game I can win…

…and are always coming up with new ways of me to be in the game of my life. I always get off our calls thinking, yeah I can do this. I feel like I have someone on my team and it makes me feel safer. I am focusing on my business again and making strides through not just your coaching but connections. I do a bit more (and yes still could do a lot more still) of thinking this is my life so sitting around and hoping things happen does not make it happen.

Julie L.

Brooke is magical.

Besides bringing a tremendous wealth of passion and experience to every enterprise, project, and client she is involved with, she can always be counted on to create breakthrough results. Since meeting her, I’ve always been fascinated by her innate gift to bond liked-minded people and bring ideas to life, a skill that she has mastered as an art. No matter what the situation calls for, she knows precisely who to connect in order to forward cause goals and attain fulfillment of desired outcomes. Brooke is trustworthy, reliable, and most importantly, committed to ensuring that everyone she encounters thrives both inside and out. She is powerful. A rare gem of love, vision, connection, and action.

Tyler Bel
Flying is Believing

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